As the saying goes, I was "today years old" when I found out that Fall River has a waterfall with a significantly historic background.

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a very interesting post and an even better point. United Way of Greater Fall River Communications Coordinator Meg Rogers discovered something rather interesting: a waterfall.

Located behind the Metacom Mills over on Anawan Street is the Quequechan River waterfall. Meg raises a very valid point:

According to a Waymarking website (a GPS service that pinpoints and provides the background and history behind an object or place, anywhere on Earth), a majority of the brick and stone mills were built directly over the Quequechan River, allowing it to still flow beneath. This video below (thanks again to Meg) shows the brief moment that the river breaches the surface, just to crash back below the other side of the mill.

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Interesting to know that Fall River was indeed named after the Quequechan River that slices through the middle of the city. "Quequechan" translates to falling water, hence "Fall" and "River." I guess that makes sense to me; I'm still boggled at the fact that as much as I thought I knew the city, I've never seen this waterfall of sorts.

Growing up, my grandparents, who live in Fall River, would watch me and take me to Kennedy Park and all over the city. Perhaps I was too young to remember this waterfall, but nothing's ringing a bell. I'd bet any money this is peanuts to some of the locals, but when it comes to historic sites across the SouthCoast, I'm fully invested.

Say what you want about Fall River, but the city is rich with history and to me, I find that not only fascinating, but also beautiful in its own mysterious way.

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