While Aquapalooza brought joy to many local boaters over the weekend, one Fall River man was left helpless after his truck was submerged in a Fall River harbor. Another boater was in the area and watched the entire scene unfold.

After a long day on the water, Christopher Wharton was heading to shore to tie up his boat at Bicentennial Park and call it a day. That’s when he spotted a red truck backing up a jet ski into the water. The unknown man hopped out of the truck to finish off the job, but the truck kept rolling down the ramp.

“I don’t know if the driver forgot to put the truck in park or the parking brake on, but the truck rolled into the water,” Wharton said. “He tried to jump back into the truck but could not save it.”

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The man desperately tried to reopen the driver’s side door and attempt to slam on the brakes, but it was too late. He watched his truck roll into the water, until the only visible part of the vehicle was the roof, with the jet ski floating beside it.

Courtesy of Christopher Wharton
Courtesy of Christopher Wharton

Lieutenant Greg Wiley of the Fall River Police Department confirmed it was a stressful day for the truck owner. The Fall River Fire Department, harbormaster, police officers, and a local tow truck company were all on scene, attempting to recover the submerged vehicle.

“He probably simply panicked," Wharton said, "Because everybody was going crazy to get in or get out of the water for Aquapalooza.”

Luckily, the story has a happy ending. Officials were able to get the truck out of the water with no injuries, but I think this driver will take his time and double-check his brakes next time, no matter how busy the harbor is that day.

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