Anyone who follows the Fall River pages and groups on Facebook may be familiar with the gentleman whom we spoke with on the Michael and Maddie Show earlier this morning.

His name is Justin Wedgeworth, a native of Fall River, and he recently found a vehicle key fob near the Brayton Avenue Dunkin' and Red's Liquors parking lot. He took to the groups and posted his findings, but had also requested a $100 reward for the Nissan key fob. Immoral to some, but not to Wedgeworth, who joined the show to defend his case.

I have to be completely honest, I've seen a whole new light with Wedgeworth's attempt to score a cool Benjamin for the work he put into finding the key. "Negative attention is the best attention," and son of a gun, he's not wrong. His posting received over 500 comments, a majority of them coming from angry Facebookers who wished terrible things upon Wedgeworth, but his goal was to attract attention to the missing fob and he succeeded.

Wedgeworth claims he's not expecting a single penny for the Nissan key, he just wants to make sure it ends up in the rightful hands. He admits to being a "troll," or someone who seeks attention online by posting negative comments or posts for their own entertainment, but that he also did it for the right reasons.

"Nothing bothers me" and "life is too short to worry" were his final statements this morning.

So the real question is: is Wedgeworth wrong for intentionally asking for a reward, even though he doesn't actually want one? If it got the word out there and got eyeballs on the story despite the ever-changing algorithms of social media, then perhaps a thank you is in order for Wedgeworth.

Weigh in your thoughts by shooting me an email at I would love to hear from you.

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