It's one thing to find someone's property and want to help, but is this a ransom effort to take advantage of someone else's misfortune?

Over the weekend I came across an odd public post that was made by a gentleman from Fall River; to protect his privacy, I'll be leaving his name out of this article. He claims he was in the area where Red's Liquors and Dunkin' is located and stumbled across a vehicle key fob that went to a Nissan.

So he did what "most people" would – or at least should – do in a situation like that and picked it up, took a photo of it, and posted it to a public Fall River group on Facebook to see if the fob belonged to anyone. However, the post took an immoral turn for the worse when he posted the following: via Public Fall River Group via Public Fall River Group

I mean, this is a joke, right?

Well, my friends, as I continued digging deeper into the situation, I've been told my numerous situations that this person is not a stranger to the world of "trolling" and most likely posted just for the attention.

Regardless of whether he made it up or not, it still begs the question: is this illegal since it to hold someone's property for ransom, or is what he's doing by asking for a $100 reward completely legitimate and legal?

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A friend of mine who is a local police officer states said although he doesn't represent his department, he has seen this situation more times than you might imagine and claims that it's a "gray area," but in fact, he's doing nothing wrong. But if evidence shows that the car is stolen or the fob itself is stolen, then he's in possession of stolen property and that's when it becomes a legal issue.

Either way, can we talk about the unethical side of this for a second? How miserable of a person do you have to be to hold someone else's belongings captive unless a price is met to return the item? Kindness is key here, people (pun intended), and it sounds like this gentleman could use a lesson or two on simply being nice. It's free to do and much more rewarding than $100, I guarantee it.

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