Fall River has had a few new restaurants pop up within the last year but this unassuming steakhouse on Pleasant Street might be a hidden gem.

For years this location was occupied by U.S. Pizza and Grill. Last summer, it turned into This Imperial Steak House. Yes, "This" is in the title. The restaurant specializes in Brazilian barbecue and pastries. What a combo.

If you drive by, the windows and doors of this place tucked away off of one of the city's main drags, Eastern Avenue, are completely covered with signage. There's a bit of mystery to the whole thing.

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It turns out a lot is happening inside.

Meire Morreira, a manager at This Imperial, fills us in on what makes this place a must-try.

Reason No. 1 for me? The cakes. Especially the popular and tasty Brazilian Flan. Just look at this deliciousness.

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I'd gladly not share this.

When you walk into This Imperial, you might be reminded of some of your favorite Portuguese bakeries on the SouthCoast, but this spot also serves out-of-this-world Brazilian-style steaks and other traditional Brazilian meats. (Whatever you do, don't show Gazelle this picture.)

Imperial Steakhouse Fall River Facebook

What else makes This Imperial Steak House worthy of spotlighting? The family, while originally from Brazil, now all live in Fall River and bring true authenticity to all of their dishes and desserts.

I didn't even know this place was here until a friend pointed out that the pizza spot was gone. U.S. Pizza and Grill is now on President Avenue.

It remains to be seen how high above the competition This Imperial Steak House can cut in a city well-known for delicious steaks at restaurants such as Sagres, Caldeira's and The Cove, but they're here putting their own spin on things — right behind those covered windows.

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