Trying our best to remain positive throughout our current challenge is an important thing to do. Experts suggest one of our goals during social distancing could be learning a new skill. For a group of Fall River teachers, that skill may have come early in the game with a video produced especially for their students.

Fun 107 and Southern Mass Credit Union have teamed up to allow SouthCoast teachers to "take over" Fun 107 each day to say hello to the students they miss so much. You can hear Teacher Takeovers throughout each day on Fun 107, and occasionally, when a school's staff gets creative, you'll see videos like this one on

"The faculty and staff at the William S. Greene Elementary School in Fall River made a personal video to send a message of love to the children they work with every day," said Principal Kimberly Luca. "The outpouring of love was a special way to stay connected with the children and families they miss so much."


We are as thrilled to share it with you as the teachers were to make it. As the video says, stay safe and stay healthy, Gators!

Teachers interested in recording a Teacher Takeover that would air on Fun 107 can use the Fun 107 app. Simply open up the app, hit the "send audio" button, and record your message to your students.

Our sincere thanks to Southern Mass Credit Union for helping to make the Teacher Takeover program possible during social distancing.

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