Every year I struggle with where to get together to catch up with family and friends around the holidays. I don't have the space nor the energy to host myself, and most of my friends are too busy to host. I'm sure you struggle with the same thing every year.

I wanted something different, not just the standing room-only party at some small bar or hall that you have to book a room months in advance. Neither place is super memorable. I know, I know, it's not about that, it's about the quality time with friends and family, but you still want to be comfortable, have fun and make memories.

Well I just so happened to be scrolling through Facebook and came across what looks like a super cool experience. An igloo!

Looks pretty cool, right? Cozy and totally sets the mode for the holiday. How do you get into this igloo in Fall River? It's currently at The Tipsy Toboggan and you can reserve it now.

Tipsy Toboggan
Tipsy Toboggan

Here is the deal with booking this: reservations can be booked on The Tipsy Toboggan website. Each reservation is good for two hours and has a minimum spend of $25 per person. Not bad if you ask me.

They are pretty strict with the igloo experience. They won't seat you until your entire party arrives and your reservation will only be held for 15 minutes. If you are trying to have a romantic night out with your love, keep in mind that if you book the igloo for four people or less, you will most likely share the igloo with another couple.

I think this is a pretty awesome experience. It's something different that we currently don't have here on the SouthCoast.

Anyone want to do the igloo experience with me? I hear they have some holiday-themed adult beverages as well.

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