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A Fall River man lost his wallet, and after seeing a post on Facebook, he was able to retrieve the missing wallet thanks to a little teamwork from other Fall River residents.

Fall River resident Obed Delgado dropped his wallet recently near his home on the corner of June and Walnut. While he continued to search for it, he came across a post from Zack Belmore on Facebook in a Fall River group. He had taken a picture of a vehicle and commented, “This morning on Locust St (corner of June) around 6:30, this man threw a wallet into a snowbank. He was balding and got scared when I snapped this picture. Just putting this out there.”

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Obed’s wife saw Zack’s post and immediately recognized the car as one of their neighbors.

So she decided to pay them a visit.

“My wife found the car located on June Street and left them a note,” said Obed in the comments of his post. His wife decided to leave a note on the neighbor’s vehicle, threatening to get the police involved if the wallet wasn’t returned.

That’s when the Delgado family found Obed’s wallet in their mailbox shortly after, with all of his credit cards snapped in half, his money still there, and a note stuffed inside.

Courtesy of Obed Delgado
Courtesy of Obed Delgado

The note read, “First of all, I threw it because I didn’t want the car behind me to think I was stealing it. I thought it was my wallet…” The note goes on to say that he had every intention of returning the wallet through the mail, but from the sounds of it, he decided to drop it in the mailbox after being caught red-handed.

Who cuts up credit cards and leaves the money in the wallet upon returning it? A guilty man is my guess. After realizing someone took his picture, he had no choice but to return the wallet and avoid any more trouble.

Thanks to the detective work of some fellow Facebook friends, the Delgado family got their belongings back. But I would imagine that things might be a little awkward with the neighbors moving forward.

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