Halloween is a sore subject for many, with many wondering if the spooky day should just be canceled altogether. For the owner of the Factory of Terror in Fall River, that's a hard no.

According to a recent post on the Factory of Terror Facebook page, the haunted attraction is just waiting for the state to get back to them on their plan.

There have been lots of changes and adjustments, but are we willing to go? I'm one that absolutely loves going to haunted houses. It truly gets me in the Halloween spirit and to put it simply, it's just fun. Some of the best scares are when you can feel someone lurking and breathing down your neck even though you can't see them. That probably won't happen with social distancing.

This year, while I really want to go and get a good scare, I think I'm going to stick to outdoor attractions and hayrides if there are still some happening.

Will you go? I have many friends who are excitedly waiting to buy their tickets. I'm apprehensive. I'm also that person that will probably not go to the movie theaters for awhile still, either.

For me, sadly, I don't think I'll be making the annual trip to Factory of Terror this year.

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