Fall River residents, and maybe people just passing through on I-195, have been scratching their heads about how Government Center decides what colors to light up the building at night.

We decided to dig for answers.

Recently I found a few people on social media asking a version of this question:

Why is Fall River city hall lit up in rainbow colors when pride month was in June?

After all, we are in October and most would think pink would be the color of choice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Well, no better way to find out than to ask. Speaking with Elaina Pevide, special projects and media coordinator for the city, I got the scoop.

It turns out, the lights aren't limited to just one theme a month or even a week. They've got a full and busy life of not only giving the city's most visible building aesthetic appeal but of recognizing various causes.

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I appreciate the fact that Fall River tries to recognize all the diversity in its community. While most of the lighting requests come from community organizations and non-profits, holidays are typically automatic.

"The schedule is usually worked out through the Facilities Department, who physically manage and maintain the lights," Pevide said.

This month, the city will have several days dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month along with domestic violence awareness.

Government Center recently hosted a flag-raising and atrium art installation called the Clothesline Project, featuring T-shirts decorated with powerful messages by domestic violence survivors.

Fall River City Hall
Fall River City Hall

If you're driving by Government Center in Fall River this or any other month, check out the lights. They change often. Just this month alone, the city will recognize domestic violence, Hispanic heritage, Unity Day, breast cancer awareness and Halloween.

You can submit your own lighting requests by emailing Pevide.

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