The historic bell atop Fairhaven's Oxford School has tolled for the final time.

The bell was rung by former principal Jenny Xifaras and former music teacher Natalie Hemingway during a ceremony Saturday afternoon outside the Oxford School.

Over 200 people watched and took pictures as crews removed the bell and surrounding cupola.

Fairhaven Board of Selectmen Chairman Geoffrey Haworth says there's no plans on where to display the bell yet, but he already has one in mind.

"My thoughts are route 6 near the high school. We have the memorial park over there, we have a great place right across from the high school. If you put it there it's like an entry into the town, it's the first things you'll see coming into town," Haworth said.

According to records, Paul Revere crafted the bell in his Boston foundry in the 1790's. The bell was delivered to the Second Church of Christ in New Bedford in 1796, where is stayed for over 100 years.

President of the North Fairhaven Improvement Association, Robert Cormier, says the bell honored some historical figures while in New Bedford.

"The bell was rolled out to the street to toll for the deaths of President Lincoln, President Garfield and General Sheridan as his body was conveyed from Nonquitt to New Bedford," Cormier proclaimed during the ceremony.

The bell was purchased by the Fairhaven School Committee around 1915 and was placed in the copula on the roof of Oxford School.

The town is currently attempting to sell the property, but wanted to make sure the bell was safe before moving forward with any proposals.

After the bell was placed on the school's front lawn, visitors got the chance to touch the bell and take photos with a piece of history.