The residents of Fairhaven are getting ready to empty their shelves and set up shop on their front lawns for a town-wide yard sale, thanks to the effort of a husband and wife who hope to make this an annual event.

Cristina and Daniel Lopes are lifelong residents of Fairhaven. They decided to create a Facebook group dedicated to the town they love after they noticed a need for a more inclusive page.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone was heard on our page,” said Cristina Lopes. Since its creation in January of this year, it’s been an inclusive forum with positive feedback, local business recommendations, and a landing page for town government news.

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Through their page, a neighbor reached out to the couple. They used to live in Acushnet, and they told the Lopeses about Acushnet's town-wide yard sale. They suggested Fairhaven do the same, so Cristina and Daniel ran with the idea.

“This will be a first for Fairhaven and we are hoping to do it yearly,” Lopes said.

After putting a poll on their page asking for participants, more than a dozen neighbors showed interest, with more continuing to pile in. On October 23 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the town of Fairhaven will be one giant yard sale, with over a dozen houses setting up shop.

“I hope people can get ready for the holidays, clean out their houses, and just enjoy the day with their friends and families,” Lopes said.

Thanks to the former Acushnet neighbor and the effort of the Lopes family, Fairhaven will now have its very own town-wide yard sale on October 23rd.

Fairhaven Town-Wide Yard Sale Locations

Down Sconticut Neck Rd.

Host: Paula Rego

74 Seaview Avenue

9 am-12 pm

Host: Marc Dupras

27 Timothy Street

10 am-5 pm

The Center of Town

Host: Tena Collyer

34 William Street

8 am-1 pm

Host: Jodi Duval

146 Main Street

9 am-2 pm

Host: Renee Da-Silva

207 Main Street

9 am-2 pm

Nancy Medeiros

14 Taber Street

9 am-3 pm

Anne Marie

24 Larch Ave

9 am-5 pm

Sarah Buck

12 Baker Ave

9 am-2pm

North End

Anita Baron

95 Long Road


Tammy De Mello

51 Boston Hill Road

9 am-1pm

East Fairhaven

Cathy Tremblay

6 Antone Drive

9 am-3 pm

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