Michael and Maddie had the pleasure of interviewing 12-year-old Trey Grant and his mom, Suzie Jorge, on Trey's recent accomplishment that clearly deserves bragging rights.

Grant auditioned for a modeling gig a few years ago for Franklin Sports, which was making a top-quality indoor basketball hoop. When we asked Grant exactly how he landed this opportunity, he explained, "My cousin, she works for Franklin, and she called my parents telling them that there was an audition for the hoop, so we accepted."

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Gregoire

According to Grant, as much of an accomplishment as this was, the modeling business was not new to him.

"When I was younger I did a lot of auditions," Grant said, while also following up that sports such as basketball kind of got in the way and decided to pursue his career in that instead. But when he heard about this job that could bring both of his passions together, he was totally in.

Photo Courtesy of Amy Gaines

Grant's mom explained that they do not really tell you when the product with your face on it will come out to the public. So to their surprise, a few years after the initial photo shoot, they actually got to see a giant picture of Grant on a basketball hoop box.

Grant may be a local kid, but this product wasn't limited to Massachusetts shelves, as his face has also been seen on Amazon.

"We have a relative friend who was at the store in Maryland and saw his face on the box," Jorge said.

To have a decent-sized picture of your face on a box that thousands of people all over the country will see is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to Grant and good luck on your modeling career and future endeavors. We'll be looking forward to seeing that local smile soon.

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