Kids can do some pretty amazing things when they put their minds to it! One bright example of a student working hard to make a difference in her community is 10 year old Mady Pimental.The Wood School 5th grader just came to the aid of Fairhaven's Animal Shelter. How did she do it? In a very clever way, talk about business savvy.

She made loom bracelets in all kinds of colors and set up shop outside an estate sale in Rochester. She sold them and with the almost $300 she made, took the shelter's wish list and did some shopping! Which girls like to do or so I've been told!

The shelter received all kind for goodies for our animal friends, things like food (both dog and cat), cat litter, treats (both dog and cat), toys,collars, q-tips, rubbing alcohol and cleaners of different types. She even made some bracelets for the volunteers at the shelter. Talk about a great human being this little girl is, with a huge heart. I would like to thank her for her hard work and hope that she inspired you and your kids to get involved. I'm sure your parents are quite proud!

I know all of us here at Fun 107 are very proud of you!

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