We've all seen heartwarming videos of people coming home after serving our country, but one Fairhaven man holds a special place in my heart.

I was lucky to help him surprise his girlfriend.

This isn't just any man. Growing up I was an only child but was so blessed to have two cousins who took me in and protected me like a brother. So, just about a year ago, when my cousin, U.S. Army Spc. Garrett Wunschel, got word he was getting deployed to Iraq, it definitely was a big deal.

We knew he would be gone for at least nine months but he had no definitive return date.

Finally, last week, we got word about Garrett's arrival and a plan was set in motion.

Garrett, 29, wanted to surprise his girlfriend of two years, Kayla, so we all had to keep it a secret. She wasn't the easiest to keep it from, I don't have a good poker face and she is pretty darn intuitive and nosey.

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We were all biting our nails the entire day. So many moving parts had to fall into place in order for this to work. The most important part was getting her to Airport Grille in New Bedford with family where she would least expect it. The plan was for Garrett to drive to the restaurant after landing in Boston earlier in the day.

If you have ever tried to pull off a surprise, you know all the anxiety and nerves that come along with it.

All it takes is one person or one word and it's ruined. Not the case here.

I can't thank the Airport Grille staff enough for helping the occasion go so smoothly.

Here is the video of the actual moment my cousin -- who would later describe it as "nervewracking" -- walked in and his girlfriend saw him in the flesh for the first time in over a year.

"It feels good to be home," Garrett said. "It's going to be an adjustment and I'm going to take it slow."

The day was full of emotions, so it was tough getting a ton of pictures or videos, but I just have to share some of the adorable moments we had.

Fairhaven Man Returns Home From Service

Garrett Wunschel Has been overseas serving our country and came home to surprise his family and his girlfriend who had no idea he was home.

Garrett is excited to finally have some home cooking and play lots of rounds of golf before he starts his journey to becoming a Massachusetts state police officer later this year.

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