Brennan Srisirikul grew up in Fairhaven and studied musical theater at Rhode Island College. Since his days at Fairhaven High, Srisirkul has been a pretty busy person. He's performed on stage in a number of musicals, and a couple of films. He's a certified personal trainer, leading a group fitness class on most Sundays.

Srisirikul has written a kid's graphic novel. He's been invited to speak as a motivational speaker at a number of schools and corporate events. In fact, he is on Martha's Vineyard today speaking to a group of high school students about his film, equity, inclusion, and disability.

It should be no surprise that with a background like this, Srisirikul jumped at the chance to take part in the 2021 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.

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According to Variety, "The challenge invites aspiring storytellers to write and produce short films that showcase disabilities in their many forms. Winners will receive prizes such as mentorship meetings with entertainment professionals, $1,500 grants provided by NBCUniversal, being highlighted in a video playlist on the homepage of IMDb and other gifts to help them achieve their career goals."

Srisirikul's submission to the challenge is called BRENNAN! A New Musical, But Actually A Short Film. What we like best about Srisirikul's short film was the fact that he didn't take himself too seriously. While it is clear that a lot of hard work went into the making of the film, without giving away too much, the subject matter takes the viewer on a surprise twist from a somber setup to a foot-stomping, upbeat number that could be featured in a Broadway musical.

Easterseals will announce the finalists on April 29. The virtual awards ceremony will take place on May 6. Best of luck to Brennan and all contestants.

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