A loss of a loved one is always the toughest thing in the world. Brenda Williston-Floyd, a Fairhaven mother to Antone Silvia, who lives in Martha's Vineyard, is fighting for her sons justice.

Per The Standard Times, Silvia passed away form heroin, but, Williston-Floyd wants to charge Aaron Bezahler, 22, of Edgartown, with manslaughter. Bezahler, she says, sold her son, the fentanyl-laced heroin that killed him.

After a clerk magistrate said the case could be possible, but the Edgartown District Court said the case would have insufficient evidence, and they wouldn't be able to make any progress on it.

Williston-Floyd argues if her son knew it was fentanyl, he knew it would've been deadly and he wouldn't have made the lethal decision.

She says she will continue to fight for her son's justice!

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