Fairhaven native Alyssa Botelho lost jewelry in the sands of Fort Phoenix and also lost hope of finding them -- until one local man went above and beyond.

Botelho and her boyfriend were spending a beautiful SouthCoast summer day walking the fort in Fairhaven a few months back. It was a great day until Alyssa realized she was missing jewelry given to her by friends.

Botelho, along with her boyfriend and parents, searched the sand with no luck. Heartbroken, Botelho decided to follow the advice of her parents and post about the item on the Hometown Fairhaven Facebook page.

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Leighton, for months, had a note on his desk about this lost item and said, Botelho also has family employed at the Fairhaven Police Station, so she filed a report and hadn't heard anything.

While members of the Fairhaven Facebook group were especially nice, Botelho noted in a post: "A couple even went out with metal detectors, but could not find the jewelry."

The situation wasn't looking good, but Leighton Harrington, a gentleman from the group, stayed in touch.

Harrington is no stranger to finding things. After all, he does work through a business known as The Ring Finders. His passion for helping others drove him to find what Botelho thought was gone forever.

"It was honestly haunting me to know that such a precious set of rings and a gold butterfly chain was just possibly sitting in the sand without no one looking for them any longer," said Leighton, who had a note on his desk about the lost items.

Yes, this story has a happy ending.
Botelho has been reunited with her jewelry and her boyfriend, who was apparently holding the pieces in his pocket, is no longer in the dog house for losing them.
In case you need a reminder that there are still good humans out there, let this story be it. Leighton's passion for finding things led him to help someone who lost hope. The same can be true for our teachers, nurses, doctors and our neighbors.

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