A new little library has popped up in Fairhaven and it is dedicated to a very special pet.

Leanne Manning is the founder of It’s the Furry Dogmother Pet Sitting Services and after losing her four-legged friend last year, she aims to provide a little corner of peace on Christian Street in Fairhaven for anyone who needs it.

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Meet Leanne Manning

Before Manning started her dog walking and pet-sitting business, she was a veterinarian technician for ten years. When the animal hospital closed, she ventured out on her own and has been running Furry Dogmother Pet Sitting Services ever since.

Animals are Manning’s passion.

“Their unconditional love is everything,” she said.

Manning’s best friend of twelve years was an American pit bull named Mac.  He passed away last March, and Manning has been navigating her grief ever since.

With the help of her family, she is honoring Mac by bringing to life an idea that she has had for years.

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The Little Library and Rock Garden in Fairhaven

In honor of Mac, Manning’s family gifted her a little library, adorned with a plaque that pays homage to the sweet pit bull.

“I have always wanted to start a little library,” said Manning. “It’s so awesome having one (and) I like doing things in Mac’s memory. It keeps him alive and it’s helping me grieve.”

One of Mac’s favorite things to do was collect rocks, and over the years, Manning has held on to them all.

“I wanted to paint them and leave them places, but when I got the library, I thought it was the perfect place for them,” she said.

When you visit the little library on Christian Street, you will find the little library filled with books and a garden of kindness rocks handpainted by Manning.

Take a book, leave a book, take a rock, leave a rock. This little oasis on Christian Street is a space for community and healing.

“(Sometimes) You don’t know what to do with all of your grief but this keeps him alive,” she said.

Manning shared that  Mac loved being the center of attention, so he would certainly approve of all the buzz surrounding this little library.

The little library has been up and running for a week now, and Manning has already restocked it twice.

She will continue to keep the library and kindness rocks stocked so Mac’s memory can live on forever.

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