One Fairhaven gas station has had enough of people sticking Joe Biden stickers on its gas pumps, and is now ready to press vandalism charges against those who do so.

Bridge Street Gas, the Mobil station at the corner of Bridge Street and Route 240, has a sign on its door that reads, “DON’T PLACE STICKERS ON OUR PUMPS. Cameras are in use. Please don’t vandalize or you’ll be prosecuted.”

Tim Weisberg/Townsquare Media
Tim Weisberg/Townsquare Media

An employee of the store said that the sign had been in place for “about six months” and that action had to be taken. Although the sign doesn't mention the Biden stickers directly, which depict a pointing President Biden stating “I Did That!” with the indication that he is pointing to the gas price, the employee said those stickers have started appearing on the pumps on a daily basis.

FOX 2 St. Louis via YouTube
FOX 2 St. Louis via YouTube

According to the employee, those who work at the store have to come out each day and scrape the stickers off the gas pumps. The employee said one of the expensive video screens on the pumps had to be replaced because it had become so scratched up from scraping the stickers off it.

The employee noted that the store is an independently-owned franchise, and the owner has to suffer the expense of the constant removal of the stickers and replacement of the damaged screens.

As for whether or not anyone had yet been prosecuted for placing the stickers, the employee did not know.

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According to Massachusetts General Law, the potential punishments for vandalism include:

– A state prison sentence of no more than three years
– A house of correction sentence of no more than two years
– A fine of not more than $1,500 or not more than three times the value of the property vandalized, whichever is greater
– Or both imprisonment and a fine

A person convicted of vandalism must also pay for the removal of the vandalism. A person convicted of vandalism in Massachusetts will also have their driver’s license suspended for one year.

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