Talk about Monster Seats!  A Fairhaven family had the experience of a lifetime last night at Fenway Park when they were lucky enough to watch the game from INSIDE the famed Green Monster.

The Horsfalls won the experience at a silent auction for "Save The Harbor, Save The Bay" back in November.  They were invited to stand on the field before the game, where they chit chatted with Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Madden.  After the Star Spangled Banner, they were escorted in front of the whole crowd as they entered the  Green Monster.  The kids were promptly put to work updating the out of town scores (which are monitored by a computer inside the monster).

The were even allowed to sign their names on the inside of the Green Monster. They asked their tour guide about the infamous "Manny Incident". The tour guide told them that is most likely just a part of Red Sox Nation folklore...that it is more likely that Manny had gone inside the Green Monster to eat an apple fruit cup. The quirky former left fielder liked the fruit cups so much, they used to keep them inside the monster for him.