green monster

Racism Banner At Fenway
According to multiple twitter accounts, a banner stating that "Racism Is As American As Baseball"  banner was dropped over the Green Monster at Fenway Park tonight.  It is not clear if the three people holding the banner were in favor of racism, or against it...
New Study Shows Most Expensive Baseball Outings!
Source (WPRI): It's finally here, Baseball's 'Opening Day'. Now that means a lot of things to a lot of people. Baseball is the indicator that Summer is around the corner (except for New England apparently) and afternoons can be spent either on the couch with a cold brew or in the…
Good Luck For The Red Sox?
Just a day before game 1 of the World Series, and an unbelievable sight was seen just before sunset. A double rainbow that appears to strike Fenway Park. Is it good luck for Boston?