The skies are clear, the main highways are in good shape, but for many here on the Southcoast the "Blizzard of '13' is not yet over.

As of Sunday morning, thousands are still without power. Dartmouth still has about 39 percent of it's residents without electricity, but it's the communities east of New Bedford that are the most heavily affected.

Acushnet has 73 percent of NStar customers without electricity. Farihaven is at 63 percent without power, Mattapoisett still has 99 percent affected, Rochester 94 percent, and Wareham just over 90 percent. Crews are working around the clock but there are so many trees over the power lines that it will take more time.
Here are some other facts about The Blizzard of '13:
-More than 650,000 households or businesses lost power in New England
-Wind gusts hit 82 miles per hour
-Eight people are confirmed dead due to the storm
-More than 3 feet of snow fell in some places
-Postal Service mail delivery was cancelled for Saturday

One of the worst snow storms ever to hit New England has come and gone, but the effects will remain for some time.