It's a flight that lets you experience the weightlessness of space and it's coming to New England this spring.

Zero Gravity Corporation is taking their G-Force One across the country this spring giving people everywhere a chance to image what life is like in space.

These flights look super fun. You board a specially modified Boeing 727 and then go on a crazy flight where the plane takes huge arcs in the sky allowing you to float weightless inside.

Buzz Aldrin has done it. NSYNC's Lance Bass has done it. Even Martha Stewart took a Zero-G flight. And they all raved about it.

But it seems you must have Martha Stewart money to take one of these.

Kind of shockingly, a ride aboard G-Force One will set you back $5,400.

Yes, it is actually over $5,000 for one person to take this flight.

I mean for that kind of money you can take a normal flight followed by a week's vacation nearly anywhere in the world.

I can't imagine why this is so expensive, but it is.

For your $5,400 you get 15 flight arcs (each arc giving you 20-30 seconds of weightlessness), your own Zero-G flight suit, some Zero-G merchandise, a Regravitation Celebration when you land, a weightless certificate along with photos and video of your experience.

Does that sound like it's worth the money?

If you said yes, then book your spring flight today. There are limited spots when G-Force One comes to Portsmouth International Airport at Pease in New Hampshire on May 3.

Clearly if you've got the dough to go, do it. These flights seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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