As #Bombogenesis #CycloneBomb continues to affect the Southcoast, we are getting reports of power outages across the region.  Chelsea Priest is expecting to see heavy snowfall for the remainder of the day (2-3 inches an hour at times) with strong wind gusts of up to 50-60 MPH.  The combination of the heavy, wet snow and ice has the potential to bring down trees and power lines, and could cause outages.  By noontime, we had already seen over a thousand outages in Barnstable.  There were a few hundred in New Bedford without power.  Even though Fall River had seen the lion's share of the snow this morning, there were no reported outages for the city at Noon.

Whether you are an Eversource or a National Grid customer, here are a couple of links you'll want to have handy.  They will show where the communities that are being affected by outages, the number of outages, and the expected time before power will be restored.





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