Are kids today coddled and sheltered?  If you say yes they are, then you might be interested in this method of parenting.

I feel like my husband and I do our best to parent our kids in a way that it will help them develop into good, compassionate and well-rounded young adults. I think most parents out there shoot for this, whatever their style of parenting is. And then I read this article at about "Free-Range Parenting."

Free-Range Parenting is about giving your children less supervision and more freedom to figure things out for themselves. I'm not going to lie, reading this scared me and at the same time made me wonder if I really do too much for my kids.

Dangerous road to school
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Free-Range Parents say they do have rules, unlike "Permissive Parenting," where there are NO rules. Journalist Leonore Skenazy wrote on her website that she founded the free-range kids movement and was called the world's worst mom for letting her nine-year-old son find his way home on a New York City subway by himself. To read more about her reasoning and why she feels so strongly about this method of parenting, check out her site.

What do you think about this? Do you think you'd consider this new, free-range style of parenting? Take our poll below:

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