Spring is in the air and the gardeners of the SouthCoast are busy in their flower beds. Some people were born to create awe-inspiring gardens while others weren’t exactly blessed with a green thumb and are better off soaking in the scenery.

Whether you are the former or the latter (like me), Marion has your chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the SouthCoast and get lost in eight secret gardens during Marion Garden Group’s “Secret Gardens of Marion” event on June 25.

The garden group was founded back in 1956. Their website explains the Marion Garden Group as “an organization of Marion residents (and contiguous towns) interested in gardening. Its goals are to assist in the enhancement of the town’s parks and landscape projects and to further expand members’ knowledge of gardening through discussions and presentations by experts in the field.”

They sound like the perfect group of people to teach me how to keep my poor plants alive. Being able to keep a garden flourishing was the one trait my mother did not seem to pass on to me, so I will have to pick up a few tricks from the Marion professionals.

The secret garden tour is a one-day event, made up of eight gardens in Marion, beginning at Bicentennial Park where you pick up your garden map for the journey.

Lunch is available for pre-order, courtesy of Kate’s Simple Eats, with public outdoor seating areas marked on your map for your dining pleasure. This event sounds like the perfect opportunity to enjoy a summer day on the SouthCoast and serve as a reminder of how a masterful garden, with its colors and scents, can create wonder and peace in anyone who takes the time to enjoy it.

To purchase tickets to the event in June, click here.

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