Let's face it, it's been a stressful year and you could use a getaway from all the nonsense.

Well, for a low price of $92 a night, this unique wigwam could be your paradise for the weekend. Located in Southbridge, Massachusetts, this destination is only an hour and a half away from the SouthCoast.

Friendly for all ages and pets, this wigwam allows kids and dogs, so you can enjoy a nice trip away with the whole family.

"We love children. This is a magical place and we are happy to help them meet the animals and go hunting for eggs or garden delights. We love dogs! Keep them leashed please until we meet you and ensure they are cool with the horses and the chickens are safely in the barn." - Pamela, Airbnb

Bedding for their king-size bed is included; any additional bedding is an additional $20 per person. The hosts will take off $20 if you would like to bring your own bedding – just let them know.

They have a forest sauna, available for use for an extra $75 (cash only). To get this experience, make reservations when booking your stay; towels and your choice of handmade soap and bath bombs are included. However, once temperatures reach below freezing on a regular basis, the forest baths are closed for the season.

This Airbnb also has a Finnish sauna. It comes with towels, slippers, robes, a cold plunge pool and water to drink, all for a $30 per person cash. Just let the host know that you would like to reserve time there, and they will light the fire for you. This sauna, like the rest of the wigwam, requires you to know how to use a wood stove and control the fire. Children under 16 and dogs are not allowed into the sauna but may sit in the sitting room.

You will be staying in the woods, so make sure you bring sturdy shoes, clothing appropriate for the weather, and matches or a lighter for the woodstove. Remember, you're out among nature, so don't leave food outside. Keep it in the cooler or in your car.

The wigwam is also on a working farm with all kinds of animals – how cool is that? You don't need to interact with the animals if you don't want to, but you definitely can. All that is asked is to keep your dog (or dogs) leashed until everyone has met.

"We love all people and all animals - whatever their race, religion, sexual orientation or doggie treat preference (as long as it's not our chickens, This is a farm that loves and respects everyone." - Pamela, Airbnb


Escape Reality in This Massachusetts Wigwam Airbnb

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