Broadway will be getting a little more 90s soon with word that the cult classic Empire Records is going to be turned into a musical.

I am certainly psyched about this one and really hope they get to use some of the actual 90s hits from the film in the stage version.

Of course there will be plenty of new songs as well as Empire Records is brought to life on the Great White Way.

Rolling Stone reports that the original screenwriter Carol Heikkinen is joining forces with composer Zoe Sarnak to make this musical happen.

The Broadway version will follow the same basic plot as the movie, following the young store employees as the celebrate Rex Manning Day on Sunday April 8th.

Heikkinen tells Rolling Stone that she's not sure every scene from the film will make it into the Broadway version, but she does believe the new format will allow her to develop her characters a bit more.

The storyline of a record store going out of business and the state of the music industry is definitely one that is still very relevant today.

Unfortunately we will all still have to wait a bit to actually see the stage version of this classic film.

Empire Records isn't expected to hit Broadway until 2020.

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