Eminem came for MGK on his Kamikaze album and MGK responded in a big way. Welp, Em just shut it down again.

Eminem literally came to insult anyone and everyone on his latest album, so it was obviously going to turn into some beef. Machine Gun Kelly was the first to respond with "Rap Devil." It didn't take him long, and it was fantastic.

Eminem sat back, bided his time, waited for a few more to come out and then unleashed on MGK in his new track called "Killshot."

Obviously the title says everything you need to know. It's exactly that. Em put MGK in the crosshairs and unloaded. I love it.

I'm so hype about this beef, not just because I love drama. If that was the case I'd just start keeping up with the Kardashians. I love it because it's forcing lyricism back into rap. Albeit on a small scale, because it's just a couple of guys, but it's at the forefront of hip hop right now.

If you're one of those people who are so totally done with the mumble rappers and everything like it, then please do yourself a service and go check out these tracks.

Obviously when Eminem is involved you know these tracks aren't exactly "clean." Actually, it's super inappropriate, so be advised.

If you want to hear the track click the link here: Killshot (MGK diss)

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