When the kids are on Vacation, it can sometimes be tough to find stuff to do with them. Well I'm here to solve a little bit of that problem!

This upcoming April Vacation, April 23rd and 24th, you can take your kids to enjoy a tasty breakfast with Princesses and Superheroes from 9 AM - 11 AM at 358 Main St. Fairhaven, MA.02719

Prices for the Breakfast Buffet with Characters:
1 Adult, 1 Child- $20
1Adult, 2 Children -$26
1 Adult, 3 Children -$34
2 Adults, 1 Child -$28
2 Adults, 2 Children -$36
2 Adults, 3 Children -$44

Additional guests after (2 adults or 3 children)
*Adults $10 *Children $8
*(taxes added when spots are purchased)


Make sure you arrive before 10:30 AM before breakfast stops being served and before 11:00 AM to say hello to the Princesses and Superhero's before they leave for the day.

For all who are interested should purchase a spot at the breakfast table before Sunday, April 17th, so make a reservation for you and your child/children before it's too late!

For Ordering Information:

Call 774-202-5573 (Payments CAN be made over the phone)


Further Info about The Princesses of New Bedford