The rumors are true, Dunkin' is ditching the foam cups for good. I say, finally!

The restaurant chain that has become famous for its coffee and donuts over the years is making the transition to new double-walled paper cups. Dunkin launched the environmentally friendly initiative back in 2018, with the goal of eliminating foam cups from its supply chain by the end of 2020.

They're poking fun at the entire thing by calling it the "Double Cup Break-up."

Christine Fox/ Townsquare Media
Christine Fox/ Townsquare Media

Wait – what’s double-cupping? According to Dunkin's website, "It’s what we refer to when a customer encases an iced beverage with a foam cup to help insulate the drink. This is a habit that was born in, and is mostly seen, in parts of New England. On November 15, Dunkin’ launched the #DoubleCupBreakup campaign in Boston and Providence, with slogans like 'Consciously Un-cup-ling,' 'The Double Cup is Breaking Up,' and 'Iced, Delicious and Single,' to let customers know that double-cupping is a thing of the past because our relationship with foam just isn’t sustainable."

Dunkin' says all of Massachusetts and New England, much of the Midwest and California have already made the change. The new cups are made with paperboard and certified by the sustainable forestry initiative. Personally, I have not seen the new cups replacing the styrofoam ones but looking forward to it.

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