Dunkin' Donuts, HOW COULD YOU?

America may run on Dunkin', but everyone knows DD is truly New England. It was created here, it's still headquartered here, and there is still one on virtually every corner throughout the region.

So Dunkin' Donuts should understand it is driving a stake through the heart of Patriots Nation by using WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES cups in a SouthCoast Dunkin' location.

We still haven't gotten over last year's Super Bowl loss to the Eagles, when Bill Belichick decided to take one game off from being the greatest football coach of all time, and instead kept former Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler on the bench. The Pats fought valiantly, but the Lombardi Trophy still went to what many Pats fans feel was a vastly inferior team.

So now, as the NFL season is about to begin anew and Pats fans should be able to wipe away those sour memories with the promise of a sweet new shot at the Super Bowl, Dunkin' has brought all those bad feelings to the surface with these cups.

An Onset resident stopped by a Wareham Dunks for his iced coffee on the way to work the other day, and was mortified to see his cup actually commemorated the Eagles' win. Now, throughout football season, we're used to seeing the Patriots' Flying Elvis logo on all of our coffee cups, so this is especially shocking.

He shared the photo with Fun 107, and we put it on our Facebook page Sunday morning. The comments instantly came flying in; many of the initial comments were just various .GIFs of surprised and shocked faces, but they started to become more and more outraged.

Some got pretty heated, even calling for possible boycotts of Dunkin' Donuts (which is a little extreme, and we definitely do not support).

But for some, walking out wouldn't express their dissatisfaction enough.

Really, Nel? You'd throw it in the trash AFTER you paid $3 for a cup of coffee? That's dedication to your team!

Steven brings up a great point about whether or not these cups are being used in and around Gillette Stadium.

Some used the controversy as their opportunity to complain about the fall flavors...

...while some allowed the discussion to turn political.

Of course, the Eagles fans chimed in, most just wanting to know the location so they could get their own commemorative cup. But some Philly fans also had a field day, gloating over not only their Super Bowl win, but their infiltration of New England's most prized institution.

One Eagles fan even offered free breakfast to someone who would bring him one of the cups, but really, who wants to eat breakfast with an Eagles fan?

Some even felt like a coffee cup controversy felt all too familiar.

While one person felt that the biggest injustice wasn't what was on the side of the cup, but rather what wasn't.

A few folks said they wouldn't even get wrapped up in all of the pro-Patriot sentiment, as long as their coffee came correctly.

The comments are still Fly, Eagles, Fly-ing in over on our Facebook page, and we invite you to join in the discussion as well.

Meanwhile, Dunkin' Donuts says the Eagles cups being used in Massachusetts was a mistake, and that they are working to get the right cups in place in all New England locations.