Believe it or not, sitting by the ocean in Massachusetts is a tiny house that runs on Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Dunkin has actually created a house that runs on used coffee grounds and it is currently located oceanside in the Massachusetts town of Nahant.

According to a release from The J.M. Smucker Company, the 275-square-foot home can turn 170 pounds of coffee into one gallon of fuel.

The company partnered with Blue Marble Biomaterials to make it possible and here’s how they say it works.

The oils from the coffee grounds are extracted and then mixed with an alcohol to produce a biodiesel and glycerin byproduct. That byproduct is then refined to create the final fuel that gets used in a biodiesel generator to power the house.

And people are actually going to get to stay there.

The tiny home, designed by actress Olivia Wilde, was booked by seven couples on AirBNB and they each will get to stay for two nights at $10 per night over the next two weeks.

They’ll be enjoying a chef’s kitchen with farm sink, king-sized bed, living room,  coffee nook (of course) and a full-sized cedar porch.

You can check out the coffee run digs here.

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