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If you do not grind your teeth at night, consider yourself lucky. If you do, listen up, because I have a form of therapy you may be interested in.

I don't just grind my teeth back and forth at night. I clench my jaw and even chomp down at times, causing me to wake up with a terrible headache and a sore jaw. I ended up investing in a nighttime mouthguard which has helped, but it doesn't inhibit grinding, it only lessens the impact on your teeth. I noticed my headaches began affecting my work and my mood, so I was at my wit's end and ready to try anything to fix it. I never thought it would lead me to jamming needles into my temples. Let me explain before you call me crazy.

He explained that the needle was small and it will make contact with the affected muscle, which will make the body respond with a muscle contraction that eliminates the knots or trigger points in the area. Basically, the needle will penetrate the muscle and give it a little massage to alleviate the stress.

He put needles in my upper traps, neck, and temples, and the pain relief was like nothing I've ever experienced. It was almost instant. Ross recommends dry needling to anyone who is suffering from acute muscle/tendon injuries, post-workout soreness or a lack of motor control due to chronic pain.

So if you can get past the intimidation of needles, I highly suggest trying this out to get rid of your pain.

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