A woman was arrested for DUI after allegedly making a huge scene in a McDonalds drive-thru over two Big Macs.This is what happens when you mess with someone's burgers while they're drunk!


Dateline Florida: One Ms. Kimberly Womack hit the drive-thru at the popular restaurant in New Port Richey, Fla., early Sunday morning and demanded two free Big Macs because she wasn't impressed with the ones she had eaten previously according to The Huffington Post.

When employees told her Big Macs weren't available because the restaurant was in the middle of breakfast, she demanded two free Egg McMuffins. That's only fair right? Wrong!

After employee's told her to go home because she was drunk, she sat in her car at the drive-thru window for more than 10 minutes as more and more cars stacked up behind her. When police arrived on the scene, Womack explained that her rights were being violated, under the American Big Mac act of 1966.

Hmm, we're pretty sure that's not an actual law. But you get points for trying!


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