It's not out of the ordinary to be asked your age before entering a website that sells or promotes alcohol, but how about your name? Hopefully it's not Roger Goodell.

According to, Co-Owner of the Bostonian Craft Cider company Matt Brockman decided to have a little fun on his websites entry page. As a die-hard New England Patriots fan, Brockman left how he truly feels on the webpage by asking the question "Are You Roger Goodell?" with two buttons labeled "Yes" and "No", as seen below:

Downeast Cider House Website

By clicking on "No", you're allowed access to Downeast Cider House's Home Page, but if you press "Yes", you are further directed away from the site and over to Wikipedia on the subject of the "Ideal Gas Law" which covers the reasoning behind why Tom Brady's footballs were a bit "deflated".

Was this a classy move by the guys over at Downeast? As a fellow Pats fan myself, I say Absolutely! There's no harm done here and its actually pretty witty! Well played Downeast.... Well played.

Downeast Cider has been apart of Fun 107's beer events, including America On Tap and most recently Red, White & Brew at the Buttonwood Park Zoo. They sample a variety of their flavors including original and cranberry cider. Try it out for yourself in this up and coming event below:

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