Kids are back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, but did you forget what happens in the next 3 months? Not the holidays, but December 21st, a.k.a. The End Of The World!

As a public service, I have scoured the internet looking for "how to make a survival kit" just in case we happen to encounter a fiery, end of the world, no December 22nd or Christmas scenario.

Primer Magazine has the perfect way to construct your very own "pocket kit" that will never leave your side during the apocalypse which includes:

A waterproof container to house your goods
A candle
Flint/striker or other non-match based fire starter
Sewing Kit
Water purification tablets
Signaling mirror
Safety pins
Wire saw
Fishing line and hooks
Plasting bags
Snare wire

So make sure when you get your holiday shopping list together, take a few minutes to also prepare for the end of the world. See you in 2013!