Congratulations to Donovan Burgo, winner of Fun 107's Little Big League contest.

Donovan plays catcher for the Century House team in the Fairhaven/Acushnet Youth Baseball League. He will be ProGroup Contracting's guest of honor on September 29 for a VIP Fenway Park experience he'll never forget.

Donovan will get field access during batting practice, a tour of Fenway Park including the Red Sox Hall of Fame and the top of the Green Monster while the Yankees are taking batting practice. The tour will be followed by dinner in one of the private clubs inside Fenway Park. Donovan will also sit in the new dugout level Jim Beam private suite for the game.

This amazing VIP Fenway Park experience is being provided by ProGroup Contracting, a proud sponsor of Fun 107's Little Big League--a season-long program where the Michael Rock Show visited different Little League and Cal Ripken games across the Southcoast. We'd announce the kid's names and play walk-up music for the players as they took their spot in the batter's box.

Thanks to Dunkin Donuts, we also sent each team we visited (and their opponents) to sit in the Dunkin Dugout for the PawSox game at McCoy Stadium.


Donovan's league nominated him as their home run leader, and Donovan was chosen from other home run leaders across Little League and Cal Ripken Leagues across the SouthCoast.

Big thank you to Bruce David for these great pictures of Donovan in action.

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