Than Moore is the Founder and Executive Director of Gowns4Good. This initiative aims to supply graduation gowns to healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

There is no question that these heroes deserve medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. However, we are all well aware that this is in low supply, and high demand, with the gap growing wider. “Currently, healthcare workers are using proper PPE and when they run out, they are using current scrubs without sleeves or makeshift gowns out of trash bags,” explains Moore. That’s why he and his team are on a mission to collect graduation gowns and get them in the hands of as many healthcare workers as possible.

“They provide a protective barrier to cover the whole provider including arm sleeves, and length to cover legs,” says Moore. The Gowns4Good website explains that the zippered access makes for easy donning as well. Moore saw the need for this first-hand. “I work in the ER as a physician assistant and really felt the need to come up with some idea to create a greater impact. After seeing my fellow healthcare workers practicing without proper PPE, I was determined to find a helpful alternative.”

Graduations, among other milestone celebrations, have all been postponed indefinitely or outright canceled amidst coronavirus concerns. Moore understood this to be a terribly disappointing realization but attempts to give graduates a chance to see some good come from this loss. “So many folks have offered solutions with masks and face shields, but no one had thought of gowns. And what a better way to honor college and high school graduates than to donate their gown to someone on the front line of COVID-19.” The same goes for the graduates of the past as well. If you have one or two just collecting dust in your closet or attic, consider donating it to Gowns4Good.


Moore doesn’t have a specific number in mind, as it can be limiting. “My goal is and has always been to help support as many people as I can. Currently, we have over a thousand gowns being requested and hundreds being donated. Our gap is increasing and I hope to spread the word to get as many folks as possible on board to make a difference. We can support one another through this and if I can facilitate that, I am honored and humbled.”

If you would like to donate a gown, click HERE.

If you would like to request a gown, click HERE.

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