This secret shop in Onset will have doll lovers on the SouthCoast in heaven.

Barbara Erdos and her husband moved to Onset a few years ago but her love for dolls goes back a few decades when she started to sell them on e-Bay. This venture has evolved quite a bit.

When it comes to restoring dolls, Barbara lives by a motto: Recycle, Renew, Re-love.

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While she doesn't have a traditional storefront, her doll emporium is still a sight to behold.

"I used to keep my dolls in totes and my husband suggested we turn our garage into a place where I can see all the dolls," she said.

That's exactly what the couple did.

This then led her to Barbara selling the dolls on Facebook. Most of us have seen or used Facebook marketplace. Well, that's sort of how Barbara started out. People would come pick up the dolls from Barbara's garage. This all started just about a year ago.

It appears that Barbara's garage has since become a place where parents and grandparents like to take their kids to see the amazing collection.

Barbara likes to keep the experience at Dolls of Onset intimate so the only way you can visit her massive collection is by reaching out via the Facebook group and scheduling a time.

Barbara said she believes everyone would enjoy her doll experience, even me. She ended our conversation by saying this:

"I would love to have you visit and experience for yourself. It's hard to describe but it's a very special place."

Consider that your invitation, too.

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