Well, the long-anticipated Fourth of July holiday came and went for fans of Stranger Things. After more than a year of waiting, we finally got a fresh visit to Hawkins. Unfortunately, though, the visit to the fictional Indiana town was far too quick.

I know that one of the defining characteristics of Netflix is the ability to binge-watch. I get it, I really do. And, trust me, I was more than happy to immediately advance to the next episode while I was in the heat of watching Season 3. When the season was finished though, it left me wondering if this really is the best way.

Just throwing this out there, but do you think it would enhance the Stranger Things experience if there was only one episode released per week? I think as tough as it would be to wait, it would absolutely be a better experience.

Think about it. Compare the Stranger Things binging that you've done over the past couple of weeks to the six weeks of enjoyment and conversation that we got this spring during the final season rollout of Game of Thrones.

Stranger Things is your little brother eating all of the McDonald's fries all at once. Game of Thrones is like your older brother who stretches out the fries to last the whole meal, then taunts his siblings because he's the only one with any left.

Stranger Things is opening up all of your Christmas presents in under five minutes. Game of Thrones is openly them slowly all Christmas morning and maybe even saving the stocking for after dinner.

What do you say? Would you be open to only releasing one episode a week?

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