As someone who becomes completely obsessed with Olympic coverage every other year, I was amazed by the number of co-workers who couldn't care less about the games.

The Olympics have been on for over a week and I am loving every minute of it...but am I in the minority?

Seems many of my co-workers are not remotely interested in watching the games and are instead not-so-patiently waiting for them to end and normal NBC programming to return.

My initial reaction to this was "WHAT!?!" How can someone not enjoy the Olympics?

The athletes stories? The pressure of the games? Can they live up to expectations? So much happens in these 17 days every two years that then lives in sports history.

To me Olympic athletes are amazing. People that are so dedicated to something that they strive to be the very best in the world at it. And they only get the chance to prove that once every four years.

And it's not just the Americans like Shawn White, Chloe Kim and Lindsey Vonn that I want to see. I LOVE watching athletes from all over the world.

Their background stories, what they've overcome to be where they are, how beloved they are in their home country...I enjoy it all.

And where else but the Olympics can you get these crazy moments, like the Czech snowboarder Ester Ledecka, competing in the women's super G on skis borrowed from U.S. gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin, given no chance to even medal and then making a historic run that nabs her a gold medal. I mean how can you not enjoy watching that moment!?!

And if you aren't watching the Olympics, you'd miss it!

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