I recently started working as a pizza delivery driver to make some extra money, and the subject came up on the FUN Morning Show this morning about how people may be tipping less or not at all. I'll admit tips can be slow at first, but as the night goes on, some tips can surprise you.

I have never not tipped a delivery driver. Sometimes you want to hang out at the house and not put your jacket and shoes on to pick up your order, so you throw a couple bucks to the girl/guy that takes the trip out to your house. It would feel awkward to me standing in front of someone who just gave you food, and slowly clsoe the door in the face. In most cases, those delivery drivers are using their own vehicle and taking whatever money they make and put it right back in the tank, so the least you could do is tip.

Some think the "delivery charge" goes to the driver. As great as that sounds, it's false. That money goes into the business that you order from. Maybe that's what a lot of people who don't tip think. "Hey, they get the delivery charge. Now, they want even more money?" Listen. There's nothing that sucks more than driving all the way out to a house that doesn't tip, but even if I don't get the tip, I still smile and wish them well for that split second of meeting them, and hope the next delivery might be a bigger tip. Even a buck would do. So, take a moment and throw a couple of bucks to the next girl/guy that delivers to your house. I assure you, they'll appreciate it.