These guys should be so well know that everybody knows their names. These 80 men in the shadow of one this nations darkest day risked there lives to strike back at the enemy back in 1942 and pick up America's spirits. They did not care about their own safety or what they were flying into. They simply knew, it had to be done. These men jumped into their B-25 bombers and attacked Tokyo after Pearl Harbor. They don’t want to be thanked. They don’t think they were doing anything special.

They were just fighting back. American heroes in every sense of the word. And how about the Cognac tradition and the turning over of the silver goblet to honor the fallen? It’s straight out of Hollywood movie except it’s real. Unreal stuff. I just wanted to take a moment and thank these men and everybody who has served for our nation. Want a shiver to go up your spine, watch this video.