With the report last week of a threat against theaters showing the film Range 15, Dartmouth police added extra detail to AMC Theater at the mall on Wednesday night. However, the police called the threat "non-specific" and gave no details as to where the threat may have originated.

But according to director and star Ross Patterson, the threat actually came from the Islamic terror group ISIS.

"Whatever their beliefs are against America and our veterans, our troops, our movie was released the same week as the tragedy (in Orlando)," Patterson said in an interview on WBSM's Spooky Southcoast. "There was a memo put out amongst their organization, (saying) 'Hey, let's attack vets, let's attack movie theaters.' This movie at this time was the perfect target, if you will."

The film, which is dark comedy about veterans battling the zombie apocalypse, was written by combat vets, many of whom have starring roles in the film alongside names such as William Shatner, Sean Astin, Keith David and Danny Trejo. Patterson also has a role in the film, as he has in many of his productions such as FDR: American Badass and Helen Keller vs. The Nightwolves.

Patterson said he took calls from 10 to 12 cities about Range 15, and that most handled the threats in a very thoughtful manner. He also said it wasn't very smart of ISIS to target this film, if indeed they were truly serious about carrying out any threat.

"The last place you want to attack is a place where a million veterans will be," he said. "The conceal-and-carry at most of these theaters will be very high. I wouldn't want to go against any of these guys."

Range 15 is in about 600 theaters nationwide, none of which reported any type of incident while screening the film.

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