About an hour into last night's Super Bowl, the TV went black during a set of commercials.  Did it happen at your Super Bowl party, too?  You are not alone.

When the TV went black at the Super Bowl party I was attending, my first reaction was to yell at the kids. "Who touched the remote control? Where's the remote control?!?!?" They all threw their hands up as a sign of innocence. We manually hit the power button on the TV...and the picture came back...but we later realized it wasn't a problem isolated to our party...it was a nationwide outage.

In the tweet above, NBC claims that they didn't lose any commercial revenue. NBC was charging $5 million dollars for a 30-second commercial. The 26 seconds of dead air may have happened during the time that was set aside for a promo for NBC programming.

Here's the REAL STORY captured on video:

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