If you updated your iPhone earlier this week, Siri got a pretty serious update. Lots of short cuts were created to get you to your favorite social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

One of the updates that sticks out to me, however, is the one that helps us when we are getting pulled over by police. All too often, we don't know our rights as citizens.

If you want to use Siri to her capacity and help in situations like getting pulled over, then download the Police App. They have made it so that if you get pulled over and don't want them to catch you with your phone in your hand, you can simply say, "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over" That will direct Siri to tell the app to start recording your interaction with the officer. You don't even need to touch your phone to do this, which helps since our state has a very strict law against using your phone while in the driver's seat.

I think this could be helpful in some situations but will probably cause more problems than anything.

What do you think of this new feature? I may try it out and let you know. I don't plan to get pulled over anytime soon, but I guess it's good to know it's available to us.

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