If Instagram is to be believed, the person who stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey has identified himself.

Brady made have won a 5th Super Bowl ring in Houston Sunday night, but he also apparently lost his Super Bowl LI jersey...or was it taken?

Brady's jersey is obviously a hot item to have and there are a lot of theories on where it may be...and one of them is that this guy has it.

As this Instagram photo shows, Carlos here has a Brady jersey in hand, was on the field at NRG field at the time it disappeared and he initally tag his pic #StoleHisJersey. Of course with the jersey really missing, Carlos conveniently changed his hashtags, now posting #NOitsNOThisSTOLENjersey...but is that just to cover his social media faux pas? The jersey is still missing, but if Carlos here really took it, I'm sure there is plenty of security footage to show that. And if he doesn't have Brady's game winning jersey, then who does? Well whoever it is, know the Texas Rangers are now looking for you! Which to me means Chuck Norris is now on the hunt for the jersey...look out thief!

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