Rob Gronkowski was promoting CBD Medic, but also may have hinted at a future football comeback.

Earlier this fall Rob Gronkowski held his press conference to talk about his experience with CBD since leaving the game and how helpful it has been in managing the pain from his multiple football injuries.

Yet with it still being a banned substance in the NFL, he can't use it and play the game he loves.

But it sounds like he is trying to change all that.

At a recent event promoting his CBD Medic's partnership with Gillette Stadium, Gronk actually said he wants

to have the option to get back into the game. And if I'm banned next year, I can't, you know?


You all want to see me out there, don't you baby? I know you do!

And yes, I think we all do. We'd like to see him this year if that was possible, but I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed.

Still a Gronk return to football would be huge.

But CBD would have to be removed from the banned subtances list in order to make the a possibility.

And so Gronk is working on that.

He and the Rhode Island-based CBD Medic are trying to take the stigma away from this pain relieving substance.

They've partnered with Gillette Stadium to not only promote the product with billboard and other signage around the stadium, they are actually going to be giving samples away as well.

So if you want to try some CBD, it just might get handed to you next time you're at a game.

And if you want to see Gronk back on the field, it seems like that could really happen as well.

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